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Western Baja SAE offers students a chance to work in a team, meet fellow students with similar interests, and to have fun! If you are interested, you can contact us below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Experiences from past and current team members:

Western baja.webp
"Western Baja is a very fun group. As soon as I joined, the team captains and leads were quick to introduce themselves to me and got me involved right away. Very welcoming."

- Julian Lobo, Team Member of Management

"Being part of the Baja team not only defines my understanding of mechanical engineering, but also my best memories of being at Western. Throughout working on the team, I got a chance to apply what I learned in class in the field. I got hands-on experience in welding, machining, design, testing, and building a team. I started off as a machining lacky at first and then soon took on the role of team captain. There was plenty of opportunity to experiment and explore new approaches to solving problems in a supportive environment. I will always cherish my time with the team, who are still my good friends to this day."​

- Mira, 2016 Graduate and Former Captain

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